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Raising the Bar for High-Density, Compact Hard Disk Drives

Since the introduction of multimedia players, digital still and video cameras, the  demand for storage to house all of those files has grown exponentially.   As the move to mobile technology continues, people want their file storage to be compact, portable and readily accessible. It’s a classic case of having your cake and eating it, and Toshiba has committed itself to meeting the customer’s appetite by providing high-density storage capacity that won’t break the bank, in a number of form factors, including those designed for use in conventional notebook PCs, to UltrabooksTM, ultrathins and tablets.

Toshiba knows that mobile technology isn’t going anywhere soon and that these smaller gadgets are here to stay, which is why we’re raising the bar with our recent MQ01ABF series of 2.5-inch slim and light hard disk drives (HDDs). With the MQ01ABF series, we designed a low-profile 7mm-high drive that provides up to 500GB in capacity— all packed onto one single platter. And because these sleek HDDs deliver an industry-leading areal density of 744Gb/in2, we’ve  been able to increase the quantity of data stored per square inch by more than 37 percent (compared to prior 2.5-inch models), which also contributes to faster data processing and greater over drive performance . 

In accordance with Toshiba’s Environmentally Conscious Product program, we engineered the MQ01ABF series for superior energy efficiency (consuming only 0.55 watts during idle mode).   We also designed for durability as well as quieter acoustic performance (achieving a maximum of 19dB at idle and 24dB during seek operations). The result is a series of slim HDDs that provide a fast data transfers without compromising on capacity, performance or noise, while increasing efficiencies in power utilization in a robust but lightweight package. 

With the combination of areal density, power efficiency, acoustic performance and robustness, the MQ01ABF series HDDs enables PC and consumer electronics makers to build a range of devices, from thin-and-light notebook and desktop PCs to tablet devices, ultra-slim set top boxes and other digital devices that meet consumers’ needs for rich and accessible content at  big data processing speeds in a little, space-saving footprint. 

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