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My Summer Internship at Toshiba by Abhi Dinesh

Abhi Dinesh

If three words defined my internship experience and education at Toshiba, it would be this: Connection, Organization, Leadership.

Throughout this summer, I was involved with a Marketing internship at Toshiba, focusing on computer storage devices and encompassing a product launch campaign.

At the start of my internship journey, I desired to pursue a business career, interested in the tech field but still determining the position I wanted to be in.

Now, after completing the marketing internship, I emerge with more knowledge and insight into the ensuing phases of my career. Here are three crucial lessons I've learned throughout my time at Toshiba:

You cannot establish communication without connection: From day one, my supervisor gave me a warm welcome into the Toshiba office, highlighting the importance of building relationships and fostering conversations. To assimilate into Toshiba's work culture and environment, I needed to put myself out there by interacting with coworkers within my office, across the states, and even in countries like Japan. Networking wasn't just limited to the corporate ladder; I enjoyed crafting introduction emails to reach out and connect with coworkers across departments, widening my reach and forming bonds that extended beyond the confines of my marketing role.

Organization is key to productivity: In the dynamic world of marketing, staying organized is the key to success, especially when I had to balance team meetings, projects, and deadlines. Every day, I would carefully document the tasks that needed to be done and utilize my attention to detail as a strength, like recording meeting minutes and creating a meeting agenda, to ensure everyone was on the same footing. The ultimate test of my organizational skills revolved around a product launch campaign, focusing on a new product line refresh. Whether preparing a product launch checklist, looking at hard drive specifications, or developing a launch alignment presentation, marketing was a piece of every puzzle, and details had to be flawlessly orchestrated. Alongside this, creativity was essential to updating roadmaps or crafting product messaging by applying design or rhetoric to appeal to customers.

Relationship between leadership and continuous learning is crucial for success: Leadership is more than just managing tasks; it's about inspiring and guiding others towards a shared vision. I felt this firsthand as I presented on a "Top 10 Reasons Why HDDs won't Die" presentation during a Sales Interlock call with an audience of over 70 attendees. The experience pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped conquer my nerves, understanding that with time and practice, anyone can realize their ability to influence and lead. Subsequently, I spent countless hours developing a sustainability presentation that aligned with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and felt pride and a sense of accomplishment in my completed work.

Connection, Organization, and Leadership – these three words perfectly encapsulate my internship. Reflecting on the past months, my marketing internship was a blend of hard work, camaraderie, and discovery, and it positively shaped my perspective on what I want and what to look for in a potential job and career.

I want to thank my mentor for their support and guidance during my time at Toshiba and for imparting their expertise and experiences at Toshiba.
As I head back to college, I carry with me a renewed sense of confidence and hope for the future. Thank you!

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