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SSDs are no longer products of Toshiba as of October 1, 2019.
Toshiba “Rocks Out” at Dell Field Readiness Seminar (FRS) Show

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Dell Field Readiness Seminar (FRS) in Las Vegas. My mission: to update Dell sales representatives about Toshiba's latest storage products.

Rock of AgestOne of Toshiba's distributors entertained the crowd with cast members from the hit Vegas show, “Rock of Ages”. The high-powered Rock-and-Roll generated a high-energy environment for the Dell associates and business partners to learn about the benefits of Toshiba storage products.

Dell associates and business partners were intrigued to learn that:

  • Toshiba has an incredibly broad storage product line: client, enterprise, HDD, SSD, and NAND flash
  • Toshiba storage products are qualified in Dell 12G and 13G PowerEdge servers, Dell PowerVault storage servers, and in Dell laptops and desktop

Dell field sales personnel were impressed with:

  • Toshiba's global brand strength and reputation
  • Toshiba's breadth of experience across the many Dell platforms and solutions offerings
  • Toshiba's impressive performance as documented by independent industry reviewers1

Dell representatives also learned that Toshiba's 12G SAS enterprise SSDs2 are the only 12G SSDs qualified in Dell 13G servers.

To give back to the Dell community, Toshiba awarded a 512GB solid state drive (SSD) to a lucky Dell salesperson.

Can't wait to do this again next year!


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