Cloud-Scale Capacity
Cloud-Scale Capacity

Cloud-Scale Capacity

  • Innovative 9-disk Helium laser-sealed design
  • Reliable, power-efficient, high-density storage capacity
  • Significant TCO benefits for cloud-scale infrastructure
MG09 Series 

MG09 Series Up to 18 TB / SAS or SATA Interface / CMR*

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MG09 Series

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MG08 Series 

MG08 Series Up to 16 TB / SAS or SATA Interface / CMR*

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MG08 Series

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MG07 Series 

MG07 Series Up to 14 TB / SAS or SATA Interface / CMR*

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MG07 Series 

MG07 Series

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Data Doesn’t Stop, and Neither Do We

CSPs and big-data projects use high-capacity HDDs to keep pace with rapid data growth. Toshiba Cloud-Scale HDDs use an innovative 9-disk Helium laser-sealed design to provide reliable, power-efficient, high-density storage capacity with significant TCO benefits for cloud-scale infrastructure.

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Key Features

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Massive Capacity

Up to 18 TB of Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) capacity. Available in SATA or SAS models with 512e or 4Kn Advanced Format Sector Technology.

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Enterprise Grade Reliability

Includes Toshiba Persistent Write Cache Technology for Data-Loss Protection in Sudden Power-Loss Events (512e models).

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Industry Leading Mechanical Design

9-disk design for superior storage density.

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Toshiba Precision Laser Welding Technology

Seals helium inside the 9-disk mechanics to reduce aerodynamic drag and deliver a lower operational power profile.

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Lower operational power profile, providing excellent power efficiency (W/TB) for better TCO.

Cloud-Scale Capacity Products

MG09 Series
MG09 Series
Up to 18 TB / SAS or SATA Interface / CMR*
Capacities 18 TB, 16 TB
Form Factor 3.5-inch
Buffer Size 512MiB
Rotation Speed 7200rpm
Data Transfer Speed (Sustained)(Typ.) 268MiB/s
Power Consumption (Idle-A)(Typ.) SATA: 4.16W
SAS: 4.54W
MTTF/AFR; 2 500 000h/0.35%
Weight (Max) 720g
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MG08 Series
MG08 Series
Up to 16 TB / SAS or SATA Interface / CMR*
Capacities 16 TB, 14 TB
Form Factor  3.5-inch
Buffer Size 512 MiB
Rotation Speed 7200rpm
Maximum Data Transfer Speed (Sustained)(Typ.) 16 TB: 262 MiB/s
14 TB: 248 MiB/s
Power Consumption (Idle - A) SATA: 4.00W
SAS: 4.46W
MTTF 2 500 000h
Weight (Max) 720g
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MG07 Series
MG07 Series
Up to 14 TB / SAS or SATA Interface / CMR*
Capacities 14 TB, 12 TB
Form Factor 3.5-inch
Interface SATA: 6 Gbit/s
SAS: 12.0 Gbit/s
Buffer Size 256 MiB
Rotation Speed 7200 rpm
Data Transfer Speed (Sustained) (Typ.) 14 TB SATA: 248 MiB/s
12 TB: 242 MiB/s
Power Consumption (Idle - A) (Typ.) 14 TB SATA: 4.53 W
14 TB SAS: 4.73 W
12 TB SATA: 4.25 W
12 TB SAS: 4.36 W
MTTF 2 500 000 h
Weight (Max) 720 g
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World’s First 14TB nearline HDD with CMR White Paper
Cloud Scale Capacity
  • Instructions for Dispose
    Please dispose in accordance with local rules.
  • Instructions for erase of the data on the HDDs in case of dispose or transfer
    HDDs incorporated in personal computer or several home appliance may record personal data and/or other important data as signal. In order to avoid disclosing such data, it is important to erase it when you dispose or transfer the HDDs.

    When high storage capacity and reliability is needed for cloud and on-premise data centers, count on the Toshiba Cloud-scale MG series enterprise cloud hard drives that offer up to 18TB of conventional magnetic recording capacity. Helium-sealed hard drives achieve higher storage density and lower power consumption.

    Toshibas Cloud Storage HDDs features persistent write cache technology enhances performance between the host and the drive to prevent data loss. The cloud scale storage HDDs includes products with a wide range of applications including large-scale cloud data centers to conventional server / storage systems.

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