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Storage Visions 2013: Era of Fierce Innovation

Last month, Toshiba attended Storage Visions 2013 at the Riviera Hotel Conference Center in Las Vegas, where all eyes were on storage—the technology, the trends and what we can expect for the future.   Toshiba was pleased to be honored with the Storage Visions Visionary Award in Mobile Consumer Storage for our MQ01ABDH Hybrid Drive and participate in a number of lively conversations on the industry.  As evidenced by multiple analysts, reporters and customers at the show, Hybrid Storage technology continues to be an area of interest. Throughout the two-day conference, dialogue around great application responsiveness, big storage capacities and fast boot-up performance promise that 2013 will be a pivotal year for Hybrid Drive storage solutions.

  • Proliferation of mobile consumer devices has led to an era of fierce innovation. Consumers and businesses expect touch-of-a-button responsiveness from their personal devices such as smartphones and tablets.  This has spurred a dizzying array of options in their mobile cousin, the laptop computer.  By combining the massive capacity of hard disk drives (HDDs) with the speed and responsiveness advantages of solid state technology, today’s Hybrid Drive offers customers excellent performance regardless of budget or computing requirements.   And with their built-in self-learning algorithms, Hybrid Drives learn what data users need and when they need it, providing a more intelligent and personalized approach to computing.
  • Hybrid Drives offer an enterprise-inspired, tiered storage solution for PC users. Toshiba’s Hybrid Drives use multiple tiers to deliver speed and minimize wait times by marrying highly efficient dynamic random access memory (DRAM) with less expensive NAND flash, which interfaces to the large capacity of the HDD media.
  • Compatibility and power efficiency is king.  Besides offering fast and cost-effective performance at HDD capacity points, the Toshiba Hybrid Drive is operating system (OS) and device driver agnostic, making it an easy to install, drop-in replacement storage solution for businesses and consumers, regardless of PC preference.  Additionally, since Hybrid Drives retain the HDD footprint and eliminate the need for an external smart cache as in dual drive architectures, Hybrid Drives not only simplify the fast-storage path, but reduce complexity and lower overall storage power consumption.
  • Our day has come. Architects throughout the system developer chain recognize the need for affordable, reliable and responsive storage.   Toshiba is leading the way in meeting these demands with the MQ01ABDH Hybrid Drive, which  improves performance by taking advantage of solid-state technology and combines it with up to 1TB of storage capacity. As Ruby and the Romantics foretold,our day will come,” and if Storage Visions’ conversations are any indicator, the day has come for industry adoption of Hybrid Drives across business and consumer computing environments.

As always, Coughlin & Associates put on another great conference at this year’s Storage Visions.  We were thrilled with the response to our Hybrid Drive giveaway and delighted by the feedback we received to the hybrid demonstration at our booth.  Hybrid Drive is paving the way into the next phase of innovation in the storage market and we’re ready to usher in this new era with our MQ01ABDH. Look for more Hybrid Drives from Toshiba in the future, and here’s to the era of fierce innovation.

The views expressed on this post are our own and do not necessarily reflect the views of TAEC or Toshiba Corporation.


The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.

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