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Warranty Information

Warranty Info

Have peace of mind. Toshiba storage devices come with one to five years limited warranty. Click on the warranty year to see the warranty information for your product.

Warranty Information

Portable External Hard Drives

  • Canvio Premium (Models that begin with HDTW1 and HDTW2)
  • Canvio 3.0 (Model that begins with HDTC6)
  • Canvio Slim (Model that begins with HDTD1, HDTD2, HDTD3)
  • Canvio Flex (HDTX110XSCAA/ HDTX120XSCAA/ HDTX140XSCCA)
  • Canvio Advance Plus (HDTCA20XYCAB, HDTCA20XWCAB, HDTCA40XGCCB)
  • Canvio Connect / Connect II (Models that begin with HDTC7 and HDTC8)
  • Canvio Advance (Models that begin with HDTC9 and HDTCA)
  • Canvio Gaming (HDTX110XK3AA/ HDTX120XK3AA/ HDTX140XK3CA)
  • Canvio Advance Plus (HDTCA20XWCAA, HDTCA40XGCCA)
  • Canvio Basics (Models that begin with HDTB2, HDTB3, HDTB4, and HDTB5)
  • Canvio Ready (Models that begin with HDTP2 and HDTP3)
    • Canvio Ready 2TB and microSD Bundle (HDTP220XK3CAM):  Warranty

Desktop External Hard Drives

  • Canvio Desk (Models that begin with HDWC1 & HDWC2)
  • Canvio for Desktop (Models that begin with HDWC3)

Internal Hard Drives

  • 3.5 inch Internal Hard Drive (N300 Pro, X300 Pro, S300 Pro HDWTA series)
  • 3.5 inch Internal Hard Drive (PH3, N300, S300, S300 Pro HDWT3 series)
  • 2.5 inch Internal Hard Drive (PH2 series, L200 models that begin with HDWJ and HDWK)
  • 3.5 inch Internal Hard Drive (P300, X300, E300, V300 series)
  • 2.5 inch Internal Hard Drive (L200 models that begin with HDWL)
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