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Whether you’re a part of a global enterprise or have a small company, we’re here to help you switch to Toshiba HDDs for your storage solutions.

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Qualification Support

Qualification Support

Enjoy the benefits of a successful qualification of Toshiba HDDs. Qualification samples potentially available to support new products. Engineering resources available to support legacy applications and technical questions.

Dedicated Support Team

Dedicated Support Team

A specialized team from Toshiba is Available to help should any questions or issues arise. Supply, engineering, market insights are at the ready.

Reliable Supply Support

Reliable Supply Support

Leverage your demand planning with Toshiba for prioritized supply and proactive support. Your forecasted demand is protected and supply is ready to meet that demand.

Dependable Pricing

Dependable Pricing

Mitigate market pricing fluctuations and help protect your business with our competitive prices.

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Media and Entertainment Storage Solution Providers

For streaming, editing and recording multiple films at one time.

Things can get quite hectic when a deadline is approaching. That's when customers must rely on your storage solution to work as fast as they do, with the performance to quickly stream, edit and record big video files. Toshiba hard drives are the perfect professional partner for your storage solution.

Media and Entertainment
124HDD Exabytes Over 124 exabytes of entertainment data is generated per day.1
High Performance

Extensive Lineup for High‑Performance Demands

Up to 20 TB of capacity in SATA or SAS models, our MG Series Enterprise Capacity HDDs were designed for rich media and video-centric environments.

Reliable Content

Reliable Content Storage

Enterprise-grade HDD storage ideal for accelerated 3D and 4K workflows, production, content editing, streaming, archiving, and backup.

Secure Storage

Securely Store Data

There are options for Toshiba hard drives with Self Encrypting technology or with Sanitize Instant Erase (SIE) technology, which means that in an instant all data is erased, without the need for overwriting the drive for hours.

Surveillance Storage Solution Providers

When you’re looking for the biggest clue in the smallest detail.

When analyzing security footage, your customers can’t risk any frame drops. That's why the hard drives in your storage solution must provide ultimate performance to detect rapid movements and record the smallest details. Toshiba surveillance hard drives are designed to meet your specialized demands.

190Surveillance HDD Exabytes Surveillance HDD Exabytes will easily more than double by 2027 to around 190 Exabytes. It would require over 47.5 million of Toshiba’s most popular S300 4TB Surveillance HDDs to store all of that content.2
Reliable Technology 

Reliability and Technology

Ideally suited for high stream count applications, our MG Series HDDs are equipped with rotational vibration sensor (RVS) technology critical for storage systems used in high density architecture, found in surveillance deployments

RV sensor enabled HDDs provide a high level of performance which helps to reduce the number of frame drops, which is critical in surveillance applications. The RV sensors detect and compensate for disturbance, stabilize head control position and keep the head within the proper operating regions on the media.


Performance and Versatility

Our Surveillance HDDs addresses the primary requirements of a surveillance-specialized platform by providing reliability, capacity points, and performance. The robustness and versatility of our Surveillance HDDs is the storage of choice for broad range surveillance applications.

Lower TCO 

Lower TCO

Toshiba delivers space-efficient, high-density enterprise storage HDDs with power-saving TCO benefits.

Server and Storage Solution Providers

In the era of big data, you need hard drives that can handle bulk data applications.

As data drives demand for more storage in the cloud and on premises, your storage solutions need to be built using trusted hard drives. The Toshiba Enterprise Capacity MG Series hard drive is ideal for your enterprise storage array and industrial server and storage systems. It provides the capacity and advanced technologies to meet the special demands of datacenter and cloud-scale infrastructures.

Server and Storage Solution Providers 
900HDD Exabytes It would take approximately 45 million Toshiba’s 20TB MG10 Nearline HDDs to store the nearly 900 Exabytes shipped to cloud and data centers in 2022.3
Reliable Technology 

Enterprise Level Stability

CMR (Conventional Media Recording) technology to achieve stable random write performance without degradation.

TDM (Two-Dimensional Magnetic Recording) technology improves the read accuracy by enhancing the signal detection and canceling noise due to inter-track interference.

PWC (Persistent Write Cache) accelerates write performance by enhancing NCQ (Native Command Queuing) with embedded DRAM, also prevents data loss during sudden power loss.


Reliable Lifecycle Predictions

We strive to provide accurate lifecycle predictions for our HDD storage, based on extensive testing and resulting in statistically meaningful data.

The low MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) of Toshiba HDDs enables us to deliver on our promise of consistency of performance and uptime.

Lower TCO 

Minimizing Disruption and Costs from Downtime

Businesses, as well as individuals, require 24/7 availability of their applications and data, and expect ultimate reliability and performance from their storage solutions.

1IDC Global DataSphere #US50554523 (April 2023)

2IDC Worldwide Hard Disk Drive Forecast, 2023–2027, April 2023 #US50568323

3TRENDFOCUS, Inc. SDAS: HDD Information Service/Storage Interlinks August 2023

We’re here to help Whether you're part of a global enterprise or have a small company, we can help locate the right drives and provide competitive pricing to help you integrate Toshiba HDDs into your storage solutions.
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