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Toshiba N300 HDD Compatibility Information


Toshiba’s Internal Hard Drives for NAS have been compatibility tested by certain NAS system providers to support compatibility between Toshiba’s storage products and solutions such as host bus adaptors, controller cards, enclosures and systems. Toshiba Corporation including its affiliated companies makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, and cannot be held liable regarding the compatibility, performance, or reliability of its Internal Hard Drives when used with these NAS systems.

Third Party Solutions Providers

The list below is indexed alphabetically.

QNAP Systems, Inc.

Synology Inc.

Compatibility Guides:

High-Reliability Hard Drive N300

  • HDWN180xxxxx
  • HDWN160xxxxx
  • HDWQ140xxxxx

* The respective specifications refer to individual Toshiba Internal Hard Drives for NAS. However, please be aware that NAS system providers have not evaluated all products belonging to a particular series but only individual products of a respective series, and NAS system providers have evaluated not all functions of Toshiba Internal Hard Drive for NAS.

Contact Toshiba regarding compatibility:

Besides the compatibility testing listed above which is provided by the NAS system providers, Toshiba performs and supports interoperability testing between Toshiba's storage products and certain NAS system providers’ systems. This may include 1) performing problem duplication and resolution of related issues in complete systems, 2) performing compatibility testing of new Toshiba products and new firmware releases, and 3) performing benchmarks to ensure quality and performance.

In addition, Toshiba is involved in numerous standards committees and designs its storage products to work with other combinations of industry standard hardware and software.

For Toshiba customers, please contact your local Toshiba Customer Support Center.

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