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Firmware and Compatibility Testing

  • Interoperability Testing
  • Joint Qualification Testing
  • Problem Resolution
  • Firmware Compatibility
  • Solution Development
  • Co-marketing Opportunities

Toshiba’s FACT Lab performs interoperability testing to ensure compatibility between Toshiba’s storage products with third party partners’ products such as host bus adaptors, controller cards, enclosures and systems.

Toshiba is involved in numerous standards committees and expects its storage products to work with other combinations of industry standard hardware and software that may not have been tested in the FACT Lab. Please contact Toshiba’s FACT Lab if you have specific questions or request for testing.

Additional FACT Lab Services
In addition to interoperability testing, the FACT Lab can also offer the following:
  • Assist in performing joint qualification testing of customer-unique requirements
  • Perform problem duplication and resolution of related issues in complete systems
  • Perform compatibility testing of new Toshiba products and new firmware releases


FACT Lab Partners
Contact FACT Lab
The products listed in this guide have been tested with Toshiba drives for data integrity and compatibility. Toshiba makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding the compatibility, performance or reliability of these products. Toshiba recommends the use of the latest firmware version released. For technical support and other questions, visit
Compatibility Guides
Enterprise Hard Drives
  AL13SE Series
  DT01ACA Series
  HK3R Series
  MBF Series 
  MG03ACA Series
  MG03SCA Series
  MG04ACAxxxE Series
  MKx001TRKB SAS Series 
  MKx002TSKB SATA Series 
  MKxx01GRRB Series  
  MKx001GRZB Series 
  PX02SM Series 
  THNSNH Series 
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