The Secret to Success: Prioritize People and Products

March 21, 2017


Jeremy Werner



When people find out that Toshiba was the fastest growing storage vendor in 2016*, people often ask me how we did it.  There is no single answer to the question, but a lot of the success can be explained by our efforts to focus on people and products.  What do I mean by that?  Let me break it down…


In the latter half of 2015 and into 2016, Toshiba re-organized, re-tooled, and expanded our customer support teams, including marketing.  The team had one major objective: to improve the strategic relationship with our customers.  In order to do that we had to change the way we do business to make our customers’ products more competitive. We set out to realign our business practices and supply chain with our custome...

Pedal to the Metal

March 10, 2017


Kyle Yamamoto



Chapter 1:  Was there another gear?
I look back at customer meetings in early 2016, where we heard that our competitors were suggesting that Toshiba would fail at these higher volumes and therefore shouldn’t be trusted. With our HDD division already laser focused on execution and strategic partnership, we appreciated the extra motivation. Was there another gear beyond relentless effort?  If so, we found it.  Let’s call it unrelenting determination…pedal to the metal.

As the story goes, and as reported by IDC*, we finished 2CQ16 at 22% HDD unit market share. At the time this was an all-time record for Toshiba, and not only did it prove the naysayers wrong, it set a new foundation of partnership and level of trust ac...

The Comeback You Didn’t See Coming

March 7, 2017


Steve Fingerhut

Toshiba Storage


The Fastest Growing HDD and SSD Vendor in 2016Everyone loves a great comeback story. Kurt Warner came out of Arena Football to lead the St. Louis Rams to a Super Bowl victory. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, then rehired only to lead the company to enormous success. The future of Detroit car companies looked grim until it managed a total turnaround in the late 2000s, restoring the iconic American industry.

But today, I’m thrilled to share that Toshiba was the fastest growing HDD and SSD vendor in 2016!

That’s quite a comeb...

Toshiba Delivers Cutting-edge Technology to Optimize Enterprise Data Centers – Introducing the PX04 Series of SAS SSDs

Recently Toshiba introduced its next-generation 12Gb SAS SSD for enterprise server and storage applications, the PX04 Series. This new SSD delivers several key features that are sure to benefit even the highest performing and most efficient data centers around.

The PX04 Series is the first 12Gbit/s1 SAS SSD to provide up to 3.84TB of usable capacity2. I can still remember my first 8GB SSD just a few short years ago so it's amazing to think just how far SSD capacity has come. It won't be long before these enterprise SSDs will be overtaking hard disk drives in density.

Another key feature of the PX04 reminds me why I love my car. It has economy and sport settings that allow me to shift between gas-friendly and high-performance modes on the fly. Talkin...

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