Toshiba Delivers Cutting-edge Technology to Optimize Enterprise Data Centers – Introducing the PX04 Series of SAS SSDs

Recently Toshiba introduced its next-generation 12Gb SAS SSD for enterprise server and storage applications, the PX04 Series. This new SSD delivers several key features that are sure to benefit even the highest performing and most efficient data centers around.

The PX04 Series is the first 12Gbit/s1 SAS SSD to provide up to 3.84TB of usable capacity2. I can still remember my first 8GB SSD just a few short years ago so it's amazing to think just how far SSD capacity has come. It won't be long before these enterprise SSDs will be overtaking hard disk drives in density.

Another key feature of the PX04 reminds me why I love my car. It has economy and sport settings that allow me to shift between gas-friendly and high-performance modes on the fly. Talkin...

How Toshiba 6TB Enterprise Cloud HDDs Optimize Cloud Storage

Cloud storage can be defined as "easily scalable storage" provisioned for "grow as you go" capacity. Cloud storage is "elastic" so users can allocate what they need, and pay for what they use. Cloud storage enables unbounded data growth for cloud services, such as Internet search, photo, video, or other unstructured data storage.

Cloud storage for cloud services includes both private and public cloud infrastructures. Private cloud storage is typically on-premises IT-provisioned storage, allocated on demand, typically providing web & file serving. Public cloud storage is typically allocated by 3rd party infrastructure, platform, application, or storage "as a service" vendors for storing enterprise data, or implemented as social media sites for sharing personal data...

The 4Kn Storage Architecture – Think about it.

June 8, 2015


David Crume


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User accessible data on a hard disk drive is organized into logical blocks called sectors. Sectors are, essentially, the amount of data that can be read from, or written to, a disk drive. Since the 1980s, sectors have almost universally been a 512-byte format, and operating systems, computer hardware and applications have been developed presuming 512-byte sectors to keep track of all the data files stored on the disk drive.

More recently though, the disk drive storage capacities have been increasing exponentially it seems with each new drive generation – from gigabytes to terabytes today. The result is that a single sector now represents a small fraction of the storage capacity. While this extra granularity may seem helpful, it actual...

How Toshiba Enterprise Capacity HDDs Can Be Used to Optimize Data Center Storage Scalability

May 20, 2015


Robert Friend



SAN and NAS storage solutions need to provide high capacity storage for business critical applications, while delivering superior ROI in high data growth environments. Let's see how Toshiba Enterprise Capacity HDDs enable SAN and NAS solutions to enhance the value of enterprise applications and their digital assets, while reduce Opex and scaling storage capacity.

Hard Disk Drive

Growing Capacity Requirements
Hard disk drive vendors have responded by increasing spindle capacities to enable more efficient storage scaling and higher capacity per drive slot. This reduces the number of spindles to manage, while lowering power and s...

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