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Toshiba Storage Products Facts

Toshiba Storage Products Business Unit (SPBU) of Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. is a market leader in providing customer-focused storage technologies that drive a wide range of consumer electronics, computer, automotive and enterprise applications. Toshiba storage products are used in many of today’s hottest personal technology products, including PCs, portable media players, handheld GPS navigation devices, digital audio players and other specialized digital products.

As a market leader and innovator, Toshiba is interested in providing what specific customers want, collaborating hand in hand to develop state-of-the-art products that push current conventions while remaining environmentally and socially considerate. Toshiba serves its customers with an emphasis on building relationships, developing an in-depth knowledge of customers’ needs and providing a total solution. Leveraging an annual $3.1 billion investment in research and development, the company develops and manufactures innovative storage technologies for products and solutions that meet the requirements of a variety of markets. Toshiba offers a high-performance product at the right price, coupled with extraordinary levels of service, guidance and expertise for its customers.

U.S. Headquarters: San Jose, California

Number of U.S. Locations: Five – San Jose, California; Irvine, California; Austin, Texas; Houston, Texas; Round Rock, Texas

Number of Employees: 141 in the U.S.; 14,862 around the world

Design and Development Facilities: OME, Japan and San Jose, California

Manufacturing Locations: OME, Japan; SAE/China; TIP/Philippines; Site 2/Philippines; TSDT/Thailand

Company Contact:
Aisha Vincenti
Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
Toshiba Storage Products Business Unit
(949) 462-7920